Betsy DeVos sides against students again

Ever since Betsy DeVos took the reins of the Department of Education, she’s been chipping away at student protections.

DeVos’s latest step was to make it more difficult for students who have been scammed by for-profit colleges to get their federal student loans forgiven.

She halted the Borrower Defense Rule from taking effect, which simplifies the process for students whose colleges defrauded them to clear their federal debt. It also allows the Department of Education to recoup costs from the colleges that committed the fraud.

Maryland and 17 other states are suing DeVos for her actions.

A lot of states, including Maryland, have already invested a lot of time and taxpayer money in investigating for-profits schools that violated the consumer protection laws.

By making it more difficult for students’ who attended these fraudulent for-profit college to get their student loans forgiven, Betsy DeVos is wasting taxpayer money and putting students through more financial hardship.

Yet again, Betsy DeVos is abdicating her responsibility to protect students.

Predatory for-profit colleges that exploit students should not be able to get off the hook. Add your name and join Dutch in telling DeVos to stand up for students.