Demand Transparency from the Trump Administration

The past few weeks shed some light on a disturbing issue within the White House.

It turns out, the Trump administration was giving security clearances to people who were not able to obtain actual security clearances.

One such interim clearance was given to Jared Kushner. Jared is the President’s top advisor and son-in-law. For 15 months, Jared had access to our nation’s most sensitive national security secrets — even though he didn’t pass a background check.

Jared failed to disclose his contacts with foreign government officials on his application. His family’s real estate business also presents multiple conflicts of interest.

Reports are now coming out that Jared could have used his position within the government to secure loans for his family’s business.

The worst part is there could be more individuals with interim security clearances in the White House who have no business accessing classified information.

We don’t need any more Jareds in the White House.

Demand the Trump administration provide information about their security clearance process.