The head of the EPA should protect our environment

You may have heard that embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt finally decided to step down. Frankly, it’s embarrassing that he was allowed to serve for so long and resign. After the abuses of his position in terms of spending, trading in favors, and trading our environmental security to big polluters, he should have been fired months ago.

But this is not the end. In Pruitt’s wake, the policies he pushed and the programs he destroyed remain in place at the EPA.

Ask any Marylander who’s been outside in the past week: it’s hot out there. Temperatures are rising all around the world. We’ve reached a pivotal breaking point in the fight against climate change. We need someone leading the EPA — the federal agency at the forefront of this important struggle — who is committed to tackling this threat.

Today, let the president know that you want a competent defender of our environment to head the EPA. Sign the petition >>