Trump Is Pinching Our Crab Industry

A Maryland summer is defined by one thing: crabs.

Summer after summer, foreign seasonal workers arrive at Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They gather around large steel tables at various crab-picking houses and extract the crab meat from its shell, so it can be sold to seafood shops, restaurants and hotels.

Not this summer, though. This summer, many of the tables were empty.

President Trump’s decision to cap H2B visas meant many laborers couldn’t return to the shores or the crab houses. As a result, crab-picking houses lost customers because they couldn’t supply enough crab meat and some are considering closing their doors.

What’s happening on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is happening to small businesses all across the country. Trump’s policies are short-sighted and harmful to the economy.

Demand President Trump listen to Maryland small business owners and put their needs first. We need action before businesses have to shutter. Add your name now to make your voice heard.