The Issues

Protecting our Environment

Designing a comprehensive energy strategy that both reduces our reliance on unstable foreign oil nations and slows the effects of climate remains our country’s most pressing environmental need. We do not want to keep throwing away billions of dollars to purchase oil from countries that often disagree with us. For a national energy policy, I believe that all options must be on the table – we must invest in renewables like: wind, solar and nuclear – to reduce our carbon footprint and create jobs. Nuclear energy must be part of our energy policy, but we must first strengthen the safety regulations around nuclear plants and modernize methods to recycle and dispose of nuclear waste. We, as a country, must also focus on domestic energy sources. It is estimated that we have natural gas reserves that rival and exceed the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. I believe that we must examine ways to responsibly, transparently and safely utilize our domestic natural gas reserves to deter our reliance on foreign oil. I am willing to consider a carbon tax, if done the right way I also remain committed to passing legislation to limit pollution and reduce run-off into the Chesapeake Bay.