ACQUISITION: 170307 No ACA Repeal

Stop Republicans from Repealing the ACA. No American Should Lose their Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. But it addressed major problems with our complex health care system, most importantly making coverage more accessible and more affordable.

When Republicans talk about repealing the ACA, this is what’s at stake:

  • The ACA prevented insurance companies from dropping people if they got sick or denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or chronic illness.
  • It ended insurance companies’ practice of charging women more for plans than men by putting things like maternity care, birth control, and preventative services to a list of essential benefits that all plans had to include.
  • It allowed young adults just entering the job market to stay on their parents’ insurance.

Thanks to the ACA, over 20 million Americans became insured. Dutch is working to stop President Trump and Republicans from repealing the ACA so Americans aren’t stripped of their health insurance.

Health care is a right. It’s one of the most basic needs we have, and it should be treated as such by those in power.

Sign here to support the ACA. Tell Republicans you DON’T want them to repeal the ACA.