The Aegis Newspaper Endorses Dutch Ruppersberger

The Aegis Newspaper


This general election there are again three races for U.S. House of Representatives that affect voters in Harford County.

In the Second District, roughly the lower third of the county along the I-95/40 corridor, we recommend re-election of incumbent Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the Democrat, over Republican Marcello Cardarelli. In the Sixth District, roughly the upper third along the northern tier, we recommend re-election of incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, the Republican, over Democrat Andrew Duck.

In the eight years Ruppersberger and Bartlett have represented Harford, each has been understanding of the needs of their constituents and well engaged in representing those diverse interests in Washington. Both deserve to continue their service.

In the First District, roughly the central third of the county, we recommend that Harford voters return incumbent Rep. Frank Kratovil to Washington. Despite what we suspect will be the temptation of many of our local conservative voters to support Republican challenger Andy Harris over the more moderate — by degree, anyway — Democrat Kratovil, the difference between the two is actually more fundamental than political ideologies. Do we want a congressman who is willing to be part of the solution while protecting the conservative interests of constituents, as Kratovil has frequently during the past two years? Or, do we want someone who stands apart and criticizes and brings nothing to the table, which sums up Harris?

While we endorsed Harris with reservations in this same race two years ago because of his ties to Harford, his eight-year record as an obstructionist state senator, with virtually nothing accomplished to benefit his Harford constituents, portends more of the same if he goes to Congress. That’s not our idea of representative government, a concept Kratovil not only understands, but also has delivered to his district.