Ruppersberger Discusses Navy Yard Shooting

After the shooting at the Navy Yard that left 13 people, including the gunman, dead, security was increased at the Pentagon and other government buildings. Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, the senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, spoke out about the shooting.

The law enforcement response to the Navy Yard shooting was massive. Security was stepped up at the Pentagon and other government buildings.

The Senate side of the Capitol was briefly placed on lockdown out of an abundance of caution, hours after the shooting at the Navy Yard and amid reports of a second shooter. The lockdown was later lifted, but only staff were being permitted to enter the building

“When you have your military facility and it’s been attacked, we’ve had a lot of those issues lately. We have to look at it from a precautionary point of view to make sure this is not a conspiracy. And at this point, the initial investigation shows it was a solo individual,” Ruppersberger said.

Law enforcement that responded to the scene of the shooting include Capitol Police officers, Park Police, military officials, U.S. Marshals, the FBI and D.C. Metropolitan Police.

Residents are being asked to stay out of the area of the shootings while they investigate.

The White House canceled a concert planned for Monday night.